Advanced Training & Consultation



I offer specialized training, consultation & supervision focused on effective trauma treatment.  Trauma is a specialized focus of clinical work, yet many of us receive little to no training on trauma treatment in our professional education.  Additionally, how often was vicarious trauma and self care emphasized as an area of competence in your education?  Healing others cannot occur without attention to our own healing needs.  As a healer, you are only able to heal others as much as you have healed yourself.

I offer a variety of clinical trainings, including EMDR Basic Training, available as scheduled or upon request.  All trainings incorporate a focus on self care, and emphasize components of trauma informed care.

As someone who has worked in the non-profit sector, and community mental health for close to 10 years, I additionally understand the unique dynamics of these work environments.  Meeting your productivity standards, working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness along with a plethora of bio-psycho-social risk factors, the high rate of burnout in these environments, the challenges of bureaucracy all impact your day to day clinical work and overall clinical experience.  I deeply value supporting non-profits, as non-profits often serve the most vulnerable, at risk, and traumatized communities and individuals within society.   Therefore I offer reduced costs for non-profits amongst all trainings, supervisions and consultations.


What People are Saying


“Rebecca is AMAZING – I’m in awe of her knowledge and ability to communicate the procedures of EMDR.”

“Absolutely wonderful!  Super inspiring and motivating!”

“Engaged and nurturing.”

“So helpful to have Rebecca’s knowledge of working with community mental health and SPMI population.”

“Extremely passionate and knowledgable about trauma focused work.  The most engaging teacher I have ever had”

“…amazing, down to earth, knowledgeable. Rebecca is a wonderful role model for future social workers”

“She cared for us as people and that really helped support me in learning”

“Rebecca is funny, engaging, and clearly an expert in her field.”