Consultation & Supervision

Are you in need of clinical supervision or consultation?  I offer clinical supervision in Colorado (in person, via phone or Zoom) and consultation to those nationwide.

I am an LCSW and EMDRIA Approved Trainer & Consultant.  I offer consultation and supervision with the following specialties:

  • LCSW Clinical Supervision
  • Clinical Supervision towards licensure
  • Clinical supervision for MA or MSW interns
  • Trauma informed and vicarious trauma focused supervision
  • Specialty trauma focused consultation & supervision

My approach to clinical supervision is trauma informed, interpersonal, insight and process oriented.  I believe that what differentiates an okay clinician from an outstanding clinician is ones ability to self reflect and self correct.  We will explore your process as it applies to your clinical work, transference and counter-transference, and uncover new insights and revelations to support you along your professional journey.

I additionally always maintain a strong focus on self care and burnout.  These are significant liabilities in our field, and if we do not take time to nurture and heal ourselves we will be limited in our abilities to heal others.

If you are interested in learning more, or taking your skills to a new level, please send an inquiry.

I offer reduced costs for supervision and consultation, to those who work in a non-profit setting at least 20 hours/week.